ZCoin Travala.com Travel update

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zcoin travel update

It has been nine months since zCoin was added as a payment source on Travala.com and giving the immediate utility to book more than 2M accommodations types.  Even with the recent downturn in travel from Covid19 Zcoin has become a popular currency to purchases hotel rooms in several regions around the world. As such, we thought it an excellent time to check in on the progress and for our community let you know a bit more about the asset.

The unique advantage of ZCoin, is the unparalleled degree of privacy offered to the coin holders. Unlike most blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, ZCoin owners are able to completely erase the transactional history of their holdings through a process known as burning and redeeming, allowing them to generate and spend “fresh” coins at a later date. This action of burning, redeeming, and spending, furthers the privacy of the person who has the coins because there are no ledgers or blockchains of the currency’s history. Sure, blockchain has its own protocols for privacy and the risk of hacking is minimal… but there’s always a risk.

In September 2019, XZC was added as a payment option to book accommodations in over 90,000 destinations across 230 countries on Travala.com. 

Book hotels on Travala and pay with Zcoin

Travala.com and Zcoin have been pushing together promotional campaigns that allow the Zcoin community not only to enjoy the freedom to stay almost anywhere in the world with XZC but also benefit from up to 40% discounts on accommodation bookings. 

Book hotels with XZC

We have seen quite a good reaction in terms of bookings since then. Zcoin community has been using XZC to make accommodation bookings in different countries. Among those, Thailand, Malaysia, Iran, Germany, and the United States are standing out as top destinations. 

ZCoin is a great asset to have due to its unrivalled privacy and ability to remain strong in the top 100 cryptocurrencies to date. Furthermore, ZCoin is now available in the Satang App which will allow the 50 million users to make everyday transactions using this currency. A common issue with cryptocurrencies is that merchants need the confidence and knowledge of how to handle crypto in their sales, but by joining up with an already established payment gateway, ZCoin can seamlessly integrate into a mainstream society which will fast-track growth, popularity, and value. Cryptocurrency will no longer just be for those of us who never leave the computer; it will be used for basic transactions such as paying bills or grabbing a coffee. This combination of total privacy and ease of use makes ZCoin a top contender in the crypto market.