AVA Token Use Cases



Travala.com is the leading blockchain-based travel booking platform where you get the best prices on over 3,000,000 travel products, worldwide aswell as being a champion of cryptocurrency adoption. We accept all leading cryptocurrencies, credit and debit cards and Paypal as payments and we have developed an innovative tokenized incentive model. Our prices are 15% cheaper on average than other mainstream booking sites.


The Travala.com value proposition is powered by the AVA token, the native digital asset of the ecosystem. It enables users to benefit from the largest possible discounts and loyalty rewards when booking their next trip, is given to contributors who help grow the platform through authentic reviews and other content, rewards those who make successful referrals.


As the Travala.com consumer base continues to grow, usage of the AVA token is integral to their experience on the platform. With its use incentivised by real-value rewards, demand for AVA can be expected to grow in-line with platform adoption, leading to the establishment of a healthy internal token economy from which all stakeholders may benefit.


AVA Token Details


The travel booking market is estimated to reach a global revenue of over $800 billion by 2020 and AVA will be the first digital asset to truly bring cryptocurrency to the masses! Each booking made on the Travala.com platform regardless of the payment method (Crypto or Fiat) will interact with the AVA asset to bring the users a smooth and rewarding experience. For many users this will be their first experience with a blockchain based token. This is how blockchain solutions should be; easy to use and adoptable without hours of research figuring out how to use tricky wallets.



AVA use cases and demand continue to expand to many areas including:

  • Payment Method
  • AVA Discount Payments
  • Booking Giveback
  • SMART Discounts
  • SMART Loyalty
  • INVITE Referrals


Payment method

Pay for your trip using your AVA tokens. These can either be the tokens from one of the many rewards or invite programs or purchased directly from the open market. Once again Travala.com is creating drive for the AVA token by circumventing credit card fees and transactions times by using the inbuilt AVA token directly from your Travala.com wallet.



Booking Giveback 2%

Each user who joins the platform is automatically created their very own wallet instantly and seamlessly within seconds of logging in to make a booking.


For the vast majority of the world this is going to be their first crypto wallet and huge step forward towards adoption of blockchain technologies.


The AVA asset is at the heart of the Travala.com booking economy, increased bookings and a limited supply will lead to a high demand for the AVA token as the platform expands. For non-tech savvy users they will be using Crypto and not even know it, exactly how adoption should be. Easy to use with a great experience.



Each booking completed will automatically get a REWARD directly into their Travala.com wallet in the form of AVA. No extra logins, no complicated key management, tangible rewards directly in your profile! Once your booking is completed you get 2% of your final booking price back in the form of the AVA token.


SMART Discounts up to 5% and Loyalty rewards up to 5%


AVA Rewards can either be saved towards your next booking or if you are “SMART” be used towards the SMART discount and LOYALTY program!


The more AVA you hold the greater your discount and LOYALTY rewards are! Hold AVA and lock it into the SMART tier of your choosing for some amazing discounts!


The tiered amounts of AVA to be held are as follows;


Smart Locked Amount Smart Discount Smart Loyalty Pay with AVA
Level 1 250 1% 2% 3% OFF
Level 2 500 2% 2% 3% OFF
Level 3 1250 3% 3% 3% OFF
Level 4 2000 4% 4% 3% OFF
Level 5 2500 5% 5% 3% OFF


For the more familiar crypto users you can skip this step and purchase AVA directly on an open exchange and deposit it straight into your online wallet to become a member of the SMART program! By holding the Maximum level of AVA you can skip right to the top tier.


There are five tiered levels each offering more discounts and more AVA back! Each member taking part in the AVA SMART program will lock their tokens for a minimum of 30 days in the platform leading to scarcity on the open market.


Loyalty reward tokens in the form of the AVA asset will keep users coming back to the platform over and over trying to get to the next level of rewards, higher SMART level means higher discounts and rewards! Unlike other reward systems a blockchain based asset offers many advantages. We covered this in another article Are blockchain tokens the future of loyalty programs?



It’s simple, more bookings means more token demand!

Read our post on the Smart Program



INVITE Referrals

Send friends and family an invite and they will receive a US$25 reward back for their first hotel booking and you will also get $25 for every invited friend that completes a booking.



Rewards for referrals are given to both parties in the form of the AVA token, this continues to drive the demand.


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Review Rewards

REVIEW rewards are also given to all users who leave an authentic blockchain review on the platform in the form of AVA directly in your wallet.



From booking discounts to post trip reviews you are making contact with the AVA asset and contribute the the Travala.com tokenised economy.


Used to purchase advertising

Suppliers wishing to promote their properties to be a preferred search result will pay for these services using the AVA asset. This could extend to a multitude of 3rd party travel related services such as promoting tickets to the Eiffel tower when you search for your hotel in Paris.


The travel services that could benefit from this are endless.


Join our Partner Network

Travala.com is a champion of cryptocurrency adoption. We are looking to partner with amazing projects in order to push the adoption of their coin / token and the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency space as a whole. Apply to add your Coin/Token as a payment option of Travala.com



Lacking in the traditional OTA model is a true ability to incentivise users to engage with the platform and community beyond simply booking their desired services and quickly disengaging. Most users of traditional OTA’s are familiar with the experience of receiving platform-specific rewards points which don’t seem to have an intrinsic value beyond the OTA itself. With AVA, there is a multi-pronged incentivisation mechanism to increase the level of its use on the Travala.com platform.


Though it may seem simple, it is the link to real-world value which is the final piece of the puzzle in incentivising user contribution and interaction with a platform. Additionally, these tokens can be saved up for use on future bookings, increase your Smart membership level on the platform for discounts and loyalty, or be withdrawn from the platform to your private wallet of choice.


It’s clear to see the extensive benefits for holding the AVA token and the real world utility it offers. The asset has an immediate and recognizable utility within the platform and will be a highly sought after token that many travelers will strive to collect to get to that next level of the SMART rewards!




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