Travala Monthly Roundup: October 2018

1 min read

October has been a very productive month with many advancements made behind the scenes preparing for the next major updates to come in Q4 2018.

Below is the list of what we have achieved and been working on.

1. Partnership with nOS to deploy decentralized travel marketplace application on nOS client. See details of the partnership HERE

2. Multiple partnerships with wholesale hotel suppliers from around the world. These partnerships have given Travala access to even more accommodation in over 210 countries which will allow us to present consistent discounts across the board. Over the coming months we will fully integrate with our new partners providing Travala customers with worldwide hotel coverage of all standards with excellent availability, rates and special offers.

3. Completed the move to our new office with better working conditions for our ever growing team. We added developers, marketing and testing and security positions to the team in October.

4. Continued development and testing on the Travala wallet which will be an integral part of all future features namely AVA payments, loyalty, rewards and referral programs.

5. User experience and security updates

a. Create Register/Login pages separately replacing the current pop-ups. We have also added the feature to create accounts using Facebook for better user experience.

b. Develop 2- Factor Authentication (2 FA) feature for secure login, AVA withdrawals.

c. Update user profile page with new UI and additional functions

d. One page checkout User experience update which means a user can now make a booking from landing on the site within 4 clicks.

Note: You can expect the new updates to be rolled out to the production site on the next release in November.

6. Research and development of our multiple payment options, blockchain reviews, loyalty, rewards and referral features are ongoing and we are continuing to push forward with our Q4 roadmap for 2018 which you can find full details on this post Roadmap for Q4 2018.