– Tech Roadmap Q2 2020

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During Q2 2020 we will focus on building and developing our products to a higher level, whilst also focusing on growing the and AVA ecosystem. will continue to forge ahead with bridging the gap between the traditional booking experience and planned next generation decentralised booking experiences.



Planned technology additions will expand our competitive edge as we use them to increase customer satisfaction along with revenue and profit margins.


  • ✅ Production Release – Maldives release and what we will class as being ready to go mainstream.


  • ✅ Vietnam Localisation – Localise with language, local payment methods, marketing and customer support.


  • ✅ SEO Optimisation – Building a strong site architecture and improving navigation to help major search engines index our site quickly and easily for organic traffic. 


  • ✅ Travel Suppliers – New suppliers will be integrated to provide our users with the most comprehensive choice of global hotels and accommodations with the best prices.


  • ✅ Loading Speeds –  We will be improving loading speeds to optimize UX and conversion rates. We want to give our visitors what they’re looking for fast.


  • ✅ Payment Methods – To provide more choice to our users ranging from additional crypto payments to localised payment options to pay directly at the hotels.


  • ✅ External AVA use cases – Spend AVA at over 5,000 merchants worldwide. Buy AVA with bank transfers and phone credit.


  • ✅ Mobile Apps V.02 – Bringing both iOS and Android Apps up to the full features and functions of the current desktop version.


  • AVA use cases – Buy AVA with crypto and fiat payment methods via Buy Smart memberships with crypto and fiat. Buy AVA with credit card. AVA added to multiple wallets and exchanges.


  • Content Optimisation – Improving hotel descriptions, amenities, nearby highlights and room descriptions, country-level landing pages and large islands and regions.


  • UI Optimisation – Improvements on visual aspects of our website, mobile site and native Apps to ensure the accessibility, easy-to-navigate interfaces, and intuitive design are all in place.


  • UX Optimisation – We will release several UX improvements to fulfill our user’s needs, aiming to provide the best possible experiences to keep users loyal.


  • Mobile Website – Launching a custom-build mobile version of the website that will occupy its own domain as we migrate towards a mobile-first development approach. 


  • Email Automation – Implementation of Email Marketing Automation to drive more sales and boost repeat purchases.


  • Business Accounts – Improvements made to our business and corporate level accounts, giving our partners all the tools they expect.


  • Partner Affiliate Program – Improve the first version of our Partner Affiliate Program with a number of tools and assets for our Partners.


  • Tours vertical – Initiate R&D on the integration of the next vertical on which will be Tours, Activities, and Things to do.


  • China Localisation – Localise with language, local payment methods, marketing and customer support.


  • Decentralised Reviews – Initiate R&D on decentralised reviews to incentivise users to write thoughtful reviews by allowing them to generate earnings from the reviews.


  • Decentralised Salesforce – Initiate R&D on the creation of a globally distributed salesforce incentivised by tokenised rewards to help achieve the global scalability needed.


  • Direct Contracting – Initiate R&D on Direct Contracting Program (DCP) to allow properties to list on directly and through channel managers.


  • Coupon codes – Adding a coupon code feature that will allow us to create targeted marketing promotions.


This roadmap will continue to evolve and it might change as we discover, experiment, and implement new user-centric improvements to the platform and the AVA token that broaden our appeal.





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