– Tech Roadmap Q1 2020

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As we move into 2020, this first quarter development roadmap will focus on improving the user experience, further enhancing the AVA token utility, growing our user base, and supporting our business development activities and onboarding for our B2B product and partner network.



Mobile Apps v 1.0

  • We will be launching the first versions of our native mobile apps built on React Native. Available on both iOS and Android, the apps will offer users the best experience on their mobile device by incorporating intelligent design and offering enhanced functionality.


Digital wallets

  • Digital wallets form the backbone of the AVA token economy. After completing the release of the new Binance Chain-based wallets we will continue to deploy further improvements to our digital wallets to continue to provide full transparency of transaction activity.


Search Optimisation 

  • Improvements to be made to our search function to allow users to easily find destinations, hotels, landmarks, addresses, areas, states, countries, and islands.


Filters Optimisation

  • Our search page filters will be significantly improved, allowing users to find their perfect hotel selections within a matter of seconds to give a user experience on par with the best travel sites in the world. 


Loading Speeds

  • We want to give visitors of, what they’re looking for fast. When it comes to website loading speed, a faction of a second makes all the difference for the user experience. This is why we will be improving our loading speeds which should further enhance our conversion rates from visitors to customers.


Content Optimisation

  • Content is king in this day and age and we will be focusing on improving hotel descriptions, amenities, nearby highlights and room descriptions, among other content optimisation tasks.  


New Leading Travel Suppliers

  • We will be onboarding new high profile travel partners to provide our users with the most comprehensive choice of global hotels and accommodations with the best prices available in the online travel booking industry.


Mobile Website

  • We see Mobile as the future and we will be launching a custom mobile-first version of the website that will occupy its own domain. A mobile-first development approach will also be adopted. Production Release

  • This is our Maldives release and what we will class as being ready to go out to mainstream consumers. Before this can happen search optimisation, filters optimisation, loading speeds, content optimisation, new high profile travel suppliers and mobile version will all need to be completed. 


Token Use Cases

  • We have been working on some exciting new use cases for the AVA token to increase utility and benefits for our token holders namely Smart staking to enhance our current Smart program and also additional discounts for paying in full with AVA over other payment methods. 


AVA Payments

  • Responding to community feedback, we will soon allow customers to make partial payments with the AVA token. We will also offer more incentives for paying with AVA over other payment methods


Payment Methods

  • We will add a number of new payment methods to provide more choice to our users ranging from additional cryptocurrency payment options to localised payment options and payment at the hotel.


Vietnam Localisation

  • We have chosen Vietnam as the first country to localise to with local language, local payment methods, and localised marketing. Our tech team, customer support, and infrastructure are ready to target this fast-growing market with a population of over 100 million.


SEO Optimisation

  • We will be building a stronger site architecture and also improving navigation to help major search engines index our site quickly and easily.


Email Automation

  • We will be deploying email marketing automation to drive more sales and boost repeat purchases.


Map Search

  • We will be releasing a completely new map search feature. This will be full screen along with a search bar, filters, and property list. 


UI Optimisation

  • We will deploy a series of additional improvements on visual aspects of our website and native mobile apps to ensure the accessibility, easy-to-navigate interfaces, and intuitive design are all in place.


UX Optimisation

  • We will release several UX improvements to fulfill our user’s needs, aiming to provide the best possible experiences to keep users loyal.


Business Accounts

  • Significant improvements will be made to our business and corporate level accounts, giving our partners all the tools they expect from a corporate travel site. This will be a priority area for our business development team adding new corporate clients to increase the number of recurrent bookings.


Partner Network

  • We will complete the first version of our Partner Network Suite with a number of tools and assets for our Partners to benefit from as Affiliates, therefore, aiming to drive more quality traffic and conversions. This will also be a priority area for our business development team working with our existing partners and adding new partners.


Crowdfund v2.0

  • We will complete our 2nd crowdfund on the Crowdcube platform. If you are interested in owning equity in, then please visit to view our pitch. Capital at risk.


This roadmap will continue to evolve and it might change as we discover, experiment, and implement new user-centric improvements to the platform and the AVA token that broaden our appeal.





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