Giveaway Terms & Conditions

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To redeem the prize, winners must create an account at and message us on Twitter with the email address associated with their account. The travel credits will be transferred to the winner’s account within 14 days. 

  • Travel credits cannot be transferred from their given form or exchanged into any other form.
  • Travel credits do not expire.
  • Travel credits may only be used to book flights, hotels, and activities around the world on the platform.
  • Prizes will not be substituted under any circumstances. Please do not ask us to exchange the travel credits for cryptocurrency, cash, or any other form of consideration. Such requests will result in the forfeiture of your prize and may potentially lead to a ban on 
  • Travel credits are non-transferrable. If you attempt to exchange travel credits with another member or anyone else, you risk the forfeiture of your prize and termination of your account. 
  • These terms and conditions apply when you enter any competition advertised by on Twitter where the prize on offer is a specified sum of travel credits. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not enter any competitions to which these terms and conditions apply.