Completes 4th Quarterly AVA Token Burn

36 sec read burns 46,947 AVA, equivalent to $26,036 USD worth of tokens at the time of the burn.



As per’s whitepaper, the AVA Repurchasing Plan will take place every quarter until 21,571,086‬ AVA are permanently destroyed. This represents 35% of the total starting supply of 61,571,086 AVA, reducing the overall total supply to just 40,000,000 AVA. 


The amount of AVA to be repurchased and burned each quarter is determined by’s booking activity, therefore it’s expected that as our booking volumes continue to grow so will the value of AVA tokens repurchased and burned on a quarterly basis.


We have now completed our fourth quarterly burn of 46,947 AVA reducing the starting total supply from 61,571,086 to 61,181,769 AVA as can be seen here


Burn Transactions

10 AVA –

46,937 AVA –



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