Supporting the AVA Ecosystem

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Learn how to best contribute to the success of AVA


It is no secret that the community is’s best asset. One thing that continues to excite us is how we are united with our community – We have shared ownership of AVA, the native platform token of


Compared to traditional online travel agencies, one key difference of using is the integration of AVA into the travel booking experience. This includes discounts and rewards as part of our Smart Program, Invite Program, Buyback Program and much more. But as of recently we have expanded AVA use cases outside of the ecosystem making AVA a multidimensional token. 


Given all that can be done with AVA (and the ever expanding use cases we have planned for the future) it is important we are aligned with our community in creating value for the AVA ecosystem as a whole. We also regularly get asked by community members “How can I help?”.


Recently we asked our community supporters how they’d like to be called. After enough community responses we settled on the AVA Force. We have created a guide to share the best ways you can join the AVA Force and support the AVA ecosystem and explain how you can earn real value rewards in the process. Ultimately we hope that by working together we can create even more value for AVA. The guide is split into two sections. The first section is for starters the second is for experts. 


AVA Force Starters

Social Media
An easy thing that you can do is just follow us on social media! We have a blog and email newsletter you can subscribe to and share with friends. We also have Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook. After you are subscribed to our blog and email newsletter or follow our social channels, please like, retweet, or push others to join too, as it is a great, low cost way for us to expand the reach of our platform.


Partnership Suggestions
We all know how fast the crypto space moves, so we need the community to help keep us informed of projects that can partner with. This can include other cryptocurrency / token projects, exchanges, DeFi projects, event organisers, and more. Ultimately the goal is to get new communities using AVA and 


To continually grow our community and achieve long term success, we need people to understand what we do.  Anything you can do to help explain to others the benefits of crypto adoption, the benefits of using AVA, how offers the best prices and more. This is very important for the future of AVA.


Website and App Testing
We are constantly looking for feedback on how to improve our website and mobile apps. Also, despite our best efforts, sometimes we can’t catch spelling and grammar mistakes, bugs, and UI/UX challenges. As we release new production versions into the wild we are really hoping to ramp up our user testing. If you are willing and able to help, please request an invite to our App Feedback group.  


AVA Force Experts

Affiliate Program
Join’s affiliate program or share it with friends that have a website, blog or social channels. They will be able to generate revenue by integrating our customer-facing assets and help us spread the word!  We will share a 5% commission paid in BTC, AVA, USDT or BUSD on all bookings made from each partner! Signing up is free, easy and confirmed instantly!


Moderating Social Channels
We already have several Telegram channels not limited to our general community chat and announcements channels that include country specific chats. We are constantly looking for new community members to answer questions and engage in thoughtful discussions. If you are interested in moderating a country specific channel please reach out to us on our general community chat. 


To continue growing, we have to constantly spread the word about AVA and on different social channels, by word of mouth, or linking / referring others to our website, whitepaper, etc. Also, we’re always interested in community AMAs, interviews and speaking at conferences as well, so please feel free to suggest opportunities to us. 


Referrals – Invite people to join For every person you invite that completes a booking of US$200 or more you will both receive US$25 worth of AVA rewards to your wallet after the invitee completes the stay at the property.


Other – We will reward community members for creating cool graphics, educational blog posts / videos, and more. If you’re building something and want to know if it’s eligible for rewards, reach out to our marketing team.


Onwards and Upwards

Together we’ve already created a thriving token economy, but going forward we need the community more than ever to support our efforts as we continue to scale. 


We’ve built an amazing community of supporters and we appreciate how big of a difference you can make in our future.  As always feel free to reach out to us directly or through our Telegram.


Great things in business are done by great teams of people. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much! 


The Team