partners with Portugal based supplier — Abreu Online

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Amazing partnership with one of the leading reservation wholesalers in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and the United States

Abreu Online is a part of Abreu Travel Group — the oldest travel company in the world which was founded in 1840. Nearly 180 years of experience, Abreu has established a strong reputation for providing the highest standard of service and creative technology.

The company has offices across 4 different countries. 100 offices in Portugal, 3 offices in Spain, 2 offices in Brazil and 1 office in the United States which makes them a strong and reliable partner for Travala.

Abreu Online serves over 185,000 hotels worldwide, spread over 120 countries and over 4,900 locations from a wide range of selections including luxury boutique hotels, major international chains and small independent properties.

The partnership

Thanks to Abreu Online’s great inventory and years of proven experience, this partnership gives Travala a strong presence in the Iberian Peninsula which is famous for a lot of beautiful islands and it also enhances our presence in the Americas

It is another large piece of the puzzle that will contribute greatly to the beta launch of Travala platform in Q1 2019 that will boast 1.5 million properties worldwide.


Travala is an already-operational travel booking platform with 567,928 Properties in 210 Countries covering 82,311 Destinations. The platform combines the best of this generation’s booking website functionality with the incredible benefits enabled by next generation’s decentralized technologies and tokenized incentive structures.

As a Next-gen Online Travel Agency (NOTA), fundamentally changes the relationship between the consumer of the future and their travel shopping. Travala’s target market benefits from:

  • A globally-competitive range of travel services; Accommodation (Hotels, Resorts, Hostels), Flights, Things to do (Tours, Activities, Experiences), Restaurants, Transfers, Car Rentals, Vacation Rentals and Cruises
  • Always available at a minimum average of 15% lower than current mainstream OTAs; enabled through agile integration of the leading wholesale travel solution partners
  • With both leading crypto-currencies and traditional (FIAT) currencies as payment options
  • Boosted with discounts and special offers direct from brands and suppliers
  • Validated through blockchain-verified reviews for 100% feedback authenticity
  • Underpinned by a token-powered incentivization economy which gives real rewards for valuable acts such as user referrals and key-opinion-leader content
  • Innovative UX design and user mechanics for a best-in-class user experience

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