Meet the Team

Behind every great brand is a team of experienced, dedicated, and passionate professionals, and is no different.


Our Team -


The team is the foundation of the business. An incredible group of individuals who are truly passionate about improving the way we will book travel services. While the core team operates out of Vietnam, our team hails from around the world and we would like to introduce you to the people making the world’s leading crypto-friendly travel booking platform.


Executive Team


Juan Otero – Co-Founder & CEO Linkedin

With a wealth of experience in some of the largest tech companies in the world including Oracle and, Juan is responsible for overseeing and driving all operations, business activities and resources and for ensuring that all corporate decisions align with the overall strategy and mission.



Steve Hipwell – Co-Founder & COO Linkedin

Steve uses his expertise and experience from a decade in travel industry management to manage’s day to day business operations and is responsible for ensuring’s  outstanding customer experience.



Caleb Yeoh – CBDO Linkedin

As a former board member of Blockchain Australia, Caleb champions digital currency adoption through thought leadership and speaking events. Previous companies include Deloitte, Origin Energy, BHP Billiton and Shell. Caleb focuses on the development of the business through building relationships in the industry, identifying opportunities, and completing key business deals.


Drew Currah – CFO Linkedin

As a CFO and CFA charter holder with experience working for the De Beers Group and Christopher Guy in financial strategy, Drew has executive responsibility for managing the financial operations of



Kent Pham – CTO Linkedin

As‘s executive lead for Technologies and Operations, Kent is responsible for outlining the technological vision, implementing technology strategies and ensuring that technological resources meet the company’s short and long-term needs.



Ben Rogers  – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)Linkedin

With nearly a decade of marketing experience at giants like Google and Flight Centre, CMO Ben Rogers joins to help take its next steps towards becoming a household name in the travel space and further promote the use cases of the AVA token.



Matthew Luczynski – Co-Founder & CSO Linkedin

Matthew is responsible for managing’s strategic initiatives, ensuring that the company’s long-term strategy is embedded to all internal and external communications.







Alexis Sirkia – Strategy Advisor Linkedin

Alexis is the founder of the leading blockchain incubator and accelerator and brings his extensive background in IT operations and security, including starting his career at the European Space Center to



James Seibel – Blockchain Advisor Linkedin

Formerly CTO of Airfox and former Head of Engineering at Apperian, James currently manages blockchain and trade engineering teams at the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange and brings considerable value to



Juwan Lee – Asia AdvisorLinkedIn

With decades of experience, Juwan Lee is a veteran CEO and FinTech entrepreneur. He has served as Head of Equities for JP Morgan and co-founded the Blockchain Center of Hong Kong. Juwan is currently the CEO of Arrakis Ventures, and  is a great asset for in the Asian Markets.





Management Team


Radka Wilson – Global Operations Manager Linkedin

Radka joins as Global Operations Manager with 14 years travel industry experience at global travel organisations such as Flight Centre Travel Group. Radka will be responsible for management of all areas of customer and operational support.



Andy Vu – Product Manager Linkedin

As Business Analyst/ Product Manager at, Andy uses his years of technical experience and customer research to harmonize the interests of stakeholders to bring the best quality products to customers.



Hilary Vu – HR ManagerLinkedin

As the HR Manager, Hilary is responsible for implementing all administrative functions and HR-related tasks including recruitment, interviews, staff salary and compensation regime and works as a link between the management and team members.



Steph Downing – Finance Manager Linkedin

With previous experience at leading firms including EY, Steph is instrumental in maintaining the financial health of the company and analysing every day financial activities to provide financial advice and guidance to the Executive Team.





Marketing Team

JasonJason – Digital Marketing Consultant Linkedin

As a highly motivated technical Digital Marketer, Jason is responsible for overall digital marketing strategies with SEO focus of Having an entrepreneurial mindset and analytical skills, he strives his best for impactful results every day.



Julia - SEO/ SEM SpecialistJulia Nguyen – SEO / SEM Specialist Linkedin

An experienced digital marketer, Julia is responsible for optimizing the website for SEO and SEM purposes. Her daily tasks include on-page and off-page SEO activities and content development along with conversion optimization.





Customer Experience Team


Jayden Trinh – Support Specialist Linkedin

An organized and creative professional with rich experience in IT and E-commerce industries for some of the largest brands in SEA, Jayden is currently covering in-depth activities of social channels, customer acquisition and services.



Taro Dang – Support Specialist – Linkedin

With extensive experience in the Hospitality Industry. Taro’s duties at include helping to maximise brand awareness and to deliver exceptional customer experiences and interaction. 



Eric Lu – Support Specialist Linkedin

Eric has 12 year of experience in travel industry, including 8 years ticketing experience in Flight Centre. He manages the customer support of our corporate clients. Eric is fluent in multiple Chinese dialects and provides on demand support for key clients in Asia. With his many years of experience, Eric ensures clients with complex multi-stop itineraries get the best price and optimised routes to anywhere around the world.




Design Team


Pink Tran – Lead UX / UI Linkedin

As a Lead UX/ UI, Pink is responsible for overseeing all designs, ensuring consistency  across all visual elements of desktop, mobile and mobile apps. She is responsible for reviewing, editing and implementing design  requests from the Executive Team.



Benjamin Dao – UX / UI Designer Linkedin

As a UX/ UI Designer, Benjamin ensures that designs align with branding, usability and functions that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to all customers and stakeholders.



Mai Pattie – UMai - Graphic DesignerX / UI Designer Linkedin

Pattie joins as UX/UI Designer at with over 3 years of experience in graphics design. She is responsible for collecting and evaluating user requirements that helps deliver an outstanding user experience providing an exceptional and intuitive website design.




Development Team


Alan Pham – Senior Backend Developer Linkedin

As one of’s longest-serving team members, Alan is a Technical Lead and a Backend Developer. Alan is responsible for server-side development and database creation, integration, and management.



Chris Pham – Senior Frontend Developer Linkedin

As a senior front-end developer, Chris is responsible for building products by implementing modern, rich web application user interfaces with high requirements for quality and reliability. He works closely with the design team and backend team for the best possible solutions.



Alex Tran – Senior Mobile Developer Linkedin

An experienced Mobile Developer in the information technology and services industry,  Alex is responsible for developing’s mobile apps on different platforms including Android, Apple and Windows.



Emanuele Tonello – Lead Developer Linkedin

Emanuele is a challenge seeker. For the past 5 years, he has worked in over 10 different start-up companies contributing his expertise in software engineering. He often brings a different perspective and work approach to the table. He loves getting involved in building the product as much as coding for them.



Peter Do – Fullstack Developer Linkedin

With an extensive technical background, Peter is a full stack developer. He is responsible for handling all work pertaining to databases, servers and client system engineering.



Harry Tran – Fullstack Developer Linkedin

With strong competence in system analysis and system design, Harry joined as a full-stack developer who is responsible for building and developing the backend platform as well as supporting in building the UI web application.



Aaron Le – Senior Frontend Developer Linkedin

Aaron works with other frontend developer team members and works closely with the backend developer team. He implements the user interface, SEO tasks and engineers the experience of website.




Johnny Le – Frontend Developer Linkedin

Johnny is responsible for developing the front-end web application, analyzing and resolving website issues, bugs and proposing new technical features to ensure the customer experience in the most convenient and friendly way.



Otis Nguyen – Frontend Developer Linkedin

As a Frontend Developer, Otis is responsible for building website interface including cutting edge html/css based on the provided designs. He also works on other tasks assigned by the CTO/ Technical Lead.



Abert Nguyen – Backend Developer Linkedin

As a backend developer, Albert is in charge of creating, coding the server-side application, and databases and collaborating with the front-end developers and other team members.



Sarah Tran – Business Analyst Linkedin

As a Business Analyst, Sarah is responsible for gathering business and system requirements from the management team and suggesting ideas and providing solutions. She also works directly with the Product Manager to develop the product roadmap in detail and works in conjunction with the development team/QC team for the best product qualification.


Adam Tran – HR Executive Linkedin

Adam is responsible for all the tasks assigned by HR Manager and COO including recruitment, compensations and benefits, HR administration. 





Quality Assurance and Control Team

Bella Vu - QCBella Vu – Senior QA / QC – Linkedin

As a Senior QC at, a strong background of manual and automation testing as the role will include a mixture of both. With experience in working with automation frameworks such as POM, Cucumber, Rest Assured, Serenity Screenplay, she will ensure that validated deliverables meet functional requirements.



Enda Trinh – Senior QA / QC Linkedin

Responsible for taking multi-tasks on web/ performance testing on to ensure the most seamless experience for our customers. Her daily tasks mainly involve creating test cases, scenarios and executing tests in IT/ST/UAT level and logging and tracking bugs.



Xuki Pham – Senior QA / QC Linkedin

With strong QC background, she is responsible for planning and controlling the testing process, setting quality metrics for the product and coordinating with the development team to fix bugs.



Moon Le – QA / QC Linkedin

As a QA/ QC Tester, Moon works together with other members in QC team to look for bugs in each build. She analyzes project requirements & creates a test plan, makes test reports or on demand as well as communicates with developers, BA and product managers.



Tracy Ngo – QA / QC Linkedin

As a QA/QC Tester at, Tracy is responsible for performing testing based on test cases and working closely with developers and BA to ensure the product quality and system requirements. She reports test results and logs bugs on the system for the development team.





Founded in 2017, is the leading cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking service with 2,200,000+ hotels and homes in 230 countries and 600 airlines globally. Backed by industry-giant Binance, is a champion of cryptocurrency adoption, accepting over 30 leading cryptocurrencies in addition to traditional payment methods. The value proposition is bolstered by AVA. As the native cryptocurrency of the platform, AVA can be used for payments, receiving loyalty rewards, discounts and bonuses, among several other use cases. For more information, visit: