Earn 24% APY with Travala.com’s Smart Program

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Get up to 10% Savings on Travel Bookings and 24% APY Bonuses on your locked AVA with our Smart Bonus Rewards.



The Travala.com Smart Program is based on a tiered rewards system. The higher the Smart level the greater your rewards.


For example, in the highest reward bracket Smart Level 5 (5000 AVA), users receive a 5% discount on Smart listed travel prices, a 5% loyalty reward following completion of your stay, and also Smart bonus rewards of 24% APY of your locked amount of AVA paid on a monthly basis of 2%. More details on this below. 



The Smart Program membership tiers and benefits are as follows;

Below we explain how each of the Smart Bonus, Smart Discount and Smart Loyalty benefits work.


Smart Bonus 24% APY

Our latest addition, Smart bonus, makes our rewards program first-in-class. This entitles Smart members to AVA rewards on a monthly basis. The Smart bonus rewards are paid at the beginning of every month directly to your Travala.com AVA wallet and Travel credits wallet at a 50/50 ratio of AVA and Travel Credits. – Earn 24% APY on your AVA with Travala.com’s Smart Bonus Rewards.


Here are the Smart bonus rewards per Smart program membership tier.

*The updated 24% APY will be effective from November 2020 with the first monthly Smart bonus payout with 1% in AVA and 1% in Travel credits effective in December.


Smart Discount

By becoming a Smart member you will receive exclusive discounts on thousands of hotel and accommodation options available on Travala.com. Accommodations marked with the Smart Icon enable you to receive the Smart discount benefits on bookings. 


Once you login, the Smart discount will automatically be applied to your search. You will receive the exclusive Smart discounts additionally to the best available rates on Travala.com.


The tiered Smart discount levels are as follows;

Smart Loyalty

Smart loyalty rewards will be calculated based on your membership tier and the value of the booking. Rewards are paid directly to your Travala.com platform wallet in the form of AVA tokens. Accommodations marked with the Smart Icon enable you to receive the added Smart loyalty benefits on bookings. 


The tiered Smart loyalty reward levels are as follows;


Our Smart discount, loyalty, and bonus rewards are designed to ensure that our supportive community of AVA token holders can enjoy the world’s best selection of accommodation options while receiving unmatched rewards. 


Create an account on Travala.com and activate the Smart program today!


Got some questions? Visit our telegram group – https://t.me/travala


Please note;

  • The Smart Program is not a paid membership. It is offered exclusively for the benefit of AVA token holders. This means the tokens you lock in the Smart Program are yours and you are able to retrieve them.



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