By Popular Demand, to Offer One Last Chance for Equity

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London, U.K., October 15, 2020 – is raising up to $2 million on leading European investment crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. Qualified investors will be able to get an equity stake in the world’s leading blockchain-based online travel booking platform for as little as £10.


The offering will go live to the community on Monday, October 26 at 11:00am CET and to the public on Thursday, October 29 at 11:00am CET.


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Why We’re Here

Those who’ve been following’s journey know that our goal is to disrupt the trillion dollar online travel industry by offering—first and foremost—better booking experiences and better prices. We’re also strong believers in the power of decentralisation to align incentives, provide greater equitability, and supercharge growth. 


Many of you have already taken advantage of the incentive-aligning features currently available in our ecosystem. Notably, thousands of you are staking our native token AVA for bonuses through our SMART program, using AVA to pay for travel bookings at a discount, and leveraging marketing opportunities like our Invite program and Affiliate Partner program. Of course, simply by holding AVA, you’re exposed to the upside associated with the growing adoption of our platform, so you could already be a ambassador to some extent. 


Given the ever-growing participation in our community, it’s no surprise that so many members have requested access to more traditional equity. From our perspective, this overwhelming demand from the community is yet another signal that we’re onto something really big here. Taking on more investors (and believers in our vision) will provide us with the opportunity to speed up and expand our roadmap towards even faster growth.


On top of this, our outlook on the market is extremely positive. We expect demand for travel to skyrocket in the months ahead as pent-up demand is revealed alongside the ease of COVID-related travel restrictions. 


That, in a nutshell, is the rationale for our offering—and here’s the pitch:


What We’re Doing Differently

  • Lower prices for travellers and higher margins for travel providers 

In the hyper-competitive online travel agency (OTA) space, having the best prices on both sides of the market is essential. Our streamlined operations, combined with our business model and proprietary infrastructure we’ve built up since our inception in 2017, enable us to offer travellers prices up to 40% lower than mainstream OTAs. Our Best Price Guarantee is also another customer-focused initiative that we proudly stand by. 


Not only are we dedicated to providing our customers with great deals, we also understand the importance of forging and maintaining strong, long-lasting relationships with providers. Using the same infrastructure that allows us to offer low prices to travellers, we’re able to  offer providers (accommodation owners and airlines) better margins than our competitors. Providers also have the flexibility to implement rational pricing on our platform, a major point of frustration that providers have with our competitors.


  • Travellers access true discounts

Loyalty is a powerful force in retail, and our unique infrastructure allows us to supercharge it.


Thanks to our loyalty bonuses and discounts (of up to 10% as a SMART Member) being paid in AVA, our users can easily spend, earn, and convert their rewards—unlike with traditional OTAs, where rewards are restricted to a single platform and offer limited use cases.


  • Multiple payment options

In addition to the full suite of traditional payment options including credit and debit cards, we empower travellers to pay from a growing list of cryptocurrencies. This payment flexibility is important in itself, but it also represents a strong growth vector. Every time we onboard a new cryptocurrency, we attract attention from the community around that cryptocurrency. This represents an opportunity to bring new people into the ecosystem and,for providers, presents the chance to reach new customers.


Where We Are Now

  • Comprehensive travel offerings

For an OTA to succeed, it must provide travellers with the best listings. Thanks to integrations with leading industry players such as, Expedia, Agoda, and Priceline, we now offer 3 million travel products—including hotels, homes, flights, and moreacross 90,000 destinations. In terms of listings, this puts us in the same league as the biggest OTAs in the world.


  • Rapid growth now has over 150,000 monthly active users, and we’re growing fast. Our revenue growth has averaged 40% per month since inception, and—in spite of the COVID-related downturn in travel—we’ve just had another record month in August in terms of revenue generated.


  • Powerful partnerships

We’re constantly building new relationships, signing new partnerships, and expanding our ecosystem. For example,, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is now an investor and partner in Binance has enabled one-click login to with Binance Login and Connect, meaning all 15 million Binance members have direct access to Binance is also supporting us with a variety of co-marketing activities and contests, as well as Binance Travel and wallet integrations.


  • All-star team

The team, now at 35 members, brings a wealth of experience. Our core members come from backgrounds at places like Oracle, Amadeus, and and have successful entrepreneurial track records. We know the pain points in the online travel industry, and we know how to scale a business.


Where We’re Going

The funds raised in this equity offering are earmarked for marketing, technology, product development, and team expansion. 


Our near-term roadmap includes adding more travel verticals such as cruises, car rentals, trains, and buses. Our goal here is to make our offering as complete as possible to provide travellers with a one-stop shop for their entire journey.


Beyond that, is following the natural arc of disintermediation and P2P commerce that is already occurring today with platforms like Airbnb. The difference is, we’re applying the power of decentralisation to the OTA space more broadly and we’re taking disintermediation a step further by integrating features that only blockchain technology can enable. To that end, we are introducing powerful features such as incentivised reviews and a decentralised salesforce. We’ll also be integrating more advanced wallet functionality.


As we deploy more decentralising features in line with our roadmap, we position our platform as essential web 3.0 infrastructure. This will make us the go-to place for the growing number of cryptocurrency users to make their travel bookings (thereby creating a much-needed circular economy for cryptocurrencies). Beyond that, the incentive-aligning features we deploy will empower us to take market share from traditional OTAs. When you consider that this is an industry projected to grow at a 12% compound annual growth rate to $2 trillion by 2026, the opportunity is immense.


Our Special Offer

We would like to thank our community for all the ongoing support! As part of the crowdfund, we will be rewarding investors with up to 8% of their investment back in the form of travel credits. Also, and only during the first 72 hours of the crowdfund, investors from our community will receive 1 AVA for every £5 invested.


We’re also giving referral rewards! If you have a friend who invests you can also receive 1AVA for every £5 they invest. Click here to learn more (learn more about referrals).


Register Your Interest!

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Learn more about the crowdfunding campaign in our FAQs post here.