$50,000 in AVA to Give Away! Vote for Travala.com (AVA) to Win the Listing on Gate.io!

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Vote for AVA to be listed on Gate.io! Voting begins Monday 6th July at 4:00am GMT



Vote for Travala.com (AVA) here!


Gate.io is a leading trading platform ranked in the top 10 by real volume according to the Blockchain Transparency Institute,  supports only quality projects, and providing users with a variety of blockchain assets trading services with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.


To encourage a higher number of users in the listing process of new projects, Gate.io has officially launched “Listing Vote,” offering even more channels for launching quality projects.


We are excited to have been chosen for the Gate.io Listing vote, a great opportunity to get AVA listed on Gate.io. This is another important milestone for Travala.com and we encourage our community to support us on the vote.


To ensure AVA gets listed on Gate.io we need our community’s support!


How to participate in the $50,000 AVA giveaway? 

If Travala.com (AVA) wins the vote next Monday 6th July and is listed on Gate.io, everyone who voted for AVA will split a total reward pool of 158,983 AVA (~$50,000 USD), based on the number of votes from each participant.


Voting starts on Monday 6th July at 4:00am GMT and lasts only 24 hours.


How can you vote?

Vote for Travala.com (AVA) here!


The best thing you can do to support AVA on the vote is to:

  1. Hold a large balance of GT (GateChain Token) to receive more voting power.
  2. Vote for Travala.com (AVA) here once voting opens next Monday 6th July. 


Your voting power is determined by your GT holdings. All the GT holders on Gate.io have 1 vote for each GT holding.


Help us win this vote to continue to build the Travala.com & AVA ecosystems and win a share of $50,000 in AVA! 


Thank you!

The Travala.com Team